Lifting bags made by Ha-Ka International BV

What is a Lifing Bag?



A lifting bag is an inflatable rubber bag which can execute huge forces on a subject. For example to lift an object or to press something. Lifting bags are used in two areas: At rescue operations and in industrial machines.

AS_CR-s TLB 2  VK-Type

AS/CR and HD Type
available in every length.
Lifting stroke upto 180 mm

Vulcanised Type
Lifting force max. 670 KN.
Lifting stroke upto 520 mm 

Special lifting bags,
i.e. VK type for roller coasters

Ha-Ka International produces and supplies mainly lifting bags for the industry. There are many examples of lifting bags used in different industries. For example in brake systems of roller coasters or to actuate a knife for cutting paper, in huge Paper printing machines. Also Lifting bags are used to move haevy machine parts in Wafersteppers and to press meat balls into Hamburgers. So, Lifting bags are used from Food industry up to High Tech equipment. It is a simple but reliable tool for many applications. With more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing Lifting Bags, Ha-Ka can be seen as the market leader in Quality Lifting Bags.

When or where are Lifting bags used?

  • When there is little space available. Lifting bags are thin. Dependable on the type only 9, 13, 15 or 22 mm thick.
  • When the force needs to be equally devided on a surface area. Lifting bags are made of Rubber and follow the form of the surface area, against which the force is exercised.
  • When huge forces are required. Force equals Area times Pressure (F = P x A). The maximum permissible air pressure for our lifting bags is, dependable on the type, between 5 Bar and 8 Bar. The Area of a lifting bag can be, theoretically, as big as you want.
  • When you only need a small lifting stroke (lifting height). Lifting bags are not designed for large strokes.

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